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Chat AI Security Tips to Protect Your Sensitive Business Data

Chat AI programs, like ChatGPT or Bing AI, are probably the fastest-growing prosumer (professional consumer) services in the world today. Users increase by their hundreds of thousands each day and tech companies are scrambling to develop and launch new AI chat bots. You’re keen to test out this new technology for yourself, to see how ...
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How Microsoft Power Automate Saves You Valuable Time and Money

In the era of the modern workplace, automation is essential for businesses to thrive and Microsoft’s Power Automate (MPA) offers one of the best automation solutions on the market. This is because Microsoft’s workflow automation product makes automating applications and services quick and simple – saving you time, increasing efficiency and eliminating the risk of ...
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6 Cloud Technology Benefits for Midsize Businesses

Midsize businesses are in a very competitive space. The utilisation of cloud technology enables midsize organisations to compete and invest in cloud technology that helps them effectively surpass their direct competition and relatively catch up to their enterprise counterparts. The cloud has matured, and midsize businesses are shifting their workloads into the cloud. This shift ...
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8 Cloud Technology Benefits for Small Businesses

There is a plethora of benefits that cloud technology offers small businesses. Owners of small businesses know that running an on-premises server(s) and infrastructure is expensive and involves challenges such as investment, design, build, deployment, maintenance, administration, and operation of the infrastructure involved. From our dealing with this type of scenario, the server(s) and infrastructure ...
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How Page Speed Can Make or Break Your Website

Seconds count when it comes to website page speed. But why is this important? Put simply, the faster your website loads, the better the user experience and the more time potential customers spend on your site. This, in turn, increases your sales and SEO. The Lowdown on Page Speed Load Time Source: WebsiteBuilderExpert Website Page ...
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The Secret of AI and How it Works

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, can seem daunting when it comes to your business. But it’s actually quite simple. The goal of artificial intelligence is to create systems that function intelligently and independently to solve real-world problems. The way computers use artificial intelligence is pretty similar to the way we humans process the world around us. ...
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