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How a Professional Copywriter Helps Your Website Win at SEO

Carlos F Corvera | 11 April, 2022 | Modern Workplace

When your car needs work, you contact a mechanic. So when the words on your website need work (or to be written from scratch), why not contact a copywriter?

You might know a little about cars but going to a skilled mechanic saves you time and gets the job done better. A copywriter does the same for the words on your website.

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter writes copy (text) aimed at customer engagement. A copywriter is a professional writer, experienced and educated in their field just like an accountant, for example, is experienced and educated in the field of accounting.

A copywriter creates informative and persuasive text that motivates website visitors to take action such as making an appointment, donating to your cause or buying your products.

Well-written website copy:

  • Places your brand ahead of your competitors
  • Improves your site’s SEO so more target customers can find you
  • Informs and helps potential customers
  • Defines exactly what it is you’re selling
  • Engages and drives customers to buy from you faster, increasing your sales

Why pay for a website copywriter when you can write yourself?

Writing may not be your forte, but surely you can come up with the basic information for your website?

Or you may have a way with words.

But do you have time to write your website copy?


The time you, or your staff, spends writing copy could be better spent doing what you do best – running your business.

A good copywriter can create beautiful copy specifically tailored to your business far quicker than you. Their copy will be more engaging with higher SEO simply because this is where their expertise lies.

How a professional copywriter makes your website shine

Helps provide a great user experience

Good copywriters have moved beyond just producing chunks of text to copy and paste onto your web pages.

UX copywriters work closely with web designers and, together, produce content focused on a great user experience. A copywriter and designer consider the entire user journey. From the outset, they’ll help you define your website’s goals. They consider your visitors’ pain points and what problems your product solves for them.

As well as text, a good user experience incorporates graphics, colour palettes, headings, buttons and links expertly positioned to help promote your brand.

How your words look on a screen is just as important as what they say because appearance determines how visitors interact with your website. Do they stay awhile and visit multiple pages or do they leave after a few seconds?

For more information on how your website can offer a great user experience see

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Ensures your website has good SEO

Search engines favour websites offering a good user experience. They pay attention to how much time and interaction (engagement) visitors have with your site.

A good copywriter ensures your site is full of engaging and regularly-updated information that entices your visitors to stick around and come back.

Copywriters also help you decide on the right keywords to use to attract your target customers. And no, this doesn’t involve stuffing badly-written posts full of keywords. Search engines won’t fall for this because visitors won’t read that sort of content.

Writes with skill

Good copywriters have a high level of English proficiency. Good grammar builds trust and brand credibility. It helps keep visitors on your site longer.

Copywriters with a good way with words:

  • Tell the story of your brand in your voice – They don’t regurgitate or, worse, plagiarise, someone else’s content. They create content from scratch that’s unique to you and consistently builds brand awareness.
  • Get your customers’ attention – This means writing content that’s persuasive but not sales-heavy. Good writing means fresh, grammatically correct, up-to-date and relevant information that contributes to good SEO.
  • Convince visitors to purchase your goods and services – Customers need information about your business before they decide to buy from you and they need to be able to find you. Compelling, well-written content with good SEO achieves this.

Even a site that’s not word-heavy deserves its best brought out with good copywriting.

Don’t let poorly-written web copy hurt your SEO!

Ready to invest in a website with well-written copy that engages visitors and turns them into clients? Contact Panoceanic today to find out how we can help.

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