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8 Cloud Technology Benefits for Small Businesses

Carlos F Corvera | 2 May, 2022 | Modern Workplace

There is a plethora of benefits that cloud technology offers small businesses. Owners of small businesses know that running an on-premises server(s) and infrastructure is expensive and involves challenges such as investment, design, build, deployment, maintenance, administration, and operation of the infrastructure involved.

From our dealing with this type of scenario, the server(s) and infrastructure are usually not looked after properly. That leads to operational & cyber security risks for the organisation.

Cloud Computing enables small businesses to invest & build a cloud solution for their business & shifts the expensive cost of operation, maintenance, and administration of a complex environment to cloud providers like Microsoft, IBM & AWS.

Technology Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

1. Investment in the latest technology

Most small businesses do not have the budget to invest in technology like enterprise businesses.

2. Employ an IT professional 

A small business usually can’t afford to employ a full time IT professional. These responsibilities typically will fall on someone else in the organisation, whose knowledge & duties are probably not in technology.

3. Technology evolution

Technology is constantly evolving to optimise and automate business operations. Without internal IT specialists to advise & implement new technology solutions & accompanied by large budgets, small businesses find it hard to deploy cutting edge technology solutions.

4. Consistent uptime of systems 

Mismanagement, misconfiguration & power outage of systems cause an impact on a small business’ profitability.

5. Scalability of technology

When a small business hits rapid growth or seasonal sales cycles, it requires technology that can easily keep up with the demand & growth. It also enables new employees to onboard securely & quickly.

6. Business continuity

All small businesses should have a backup of all their data to protect their business from unforeseen events. Rarely do we see this implemented due to lack of knowledge and cost.

Essentials for small businesses

Work from anywhere – Covid-19 saw an unprecedented number of employees working from home. It has become the new norm & cloud technology is the enabler for small businesses to remain operational and succeed.


Integration of technology – small businesses are exploring how to extend their current technology by integrating it into additional tools & systems to provide a cost-effective investment in new technology solutions.

Cyber security – with the decentralised way of working due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is imperative to have cyber security in place to safeguard company data and control over who and where employees are accessing company information. 

Why Invest in Cloud Technology?

Evolution of business – Migrating your services (email, storage, workloads, apps) to the cloud helps your small business remain competitive, agile & change your business objectives quickly depending on market developments & demand. 

Reduce technology operational cost – companies like Microsoft, IBM & AWS provide the cloud infrastructure that small businesses can utilise at an affordable price to invest in a cloud-first technology solution. 

Alleviate staff – the cloud reduces the time your employees (non-technical or technical) spend on administration and management of server(s) & infrastructure. Regular maintenance, functional, cyber security updates & procedures shift to the cloud provider. 

Effective communication for a modern business – at Panoceanic, we find that the first service that small businesses migrate to the cloud is emails, followed by collaboration tools. The latter provides the most effective and efficient way to communicate & collaborate internally for small businesses.

Scalability – as a small business grows, more demand is placed on storage, computing power, data loss prevention, cyber security, and access policies to cloud systems. We are in an unprecedented time when a small business can scale its cloud solutions cost-effectively to meet market demands. 

Efficient management of software licenses – Capital purchases are a thing of the past with the cloud. The cloud provides an on-demand software as a service (SaaS) PAYG model. It provides you with control of how much to purchase & minimises the risk of software license infringement. 

Redundancy and security – Cloud service providers have the budget to provide enterprise-level redundancy, disaster recovery, and 24/7 physical security of their data centres.

Cyber security – Small businesses need to protect themselves from the threats of cyber security. Cloud solutions come with add-ons that help mitigate this threat and prevent financial & reputation damage brought on by a data breach.

Take maximum advantage of the cloud today!

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