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How a Unique Custom Website Design Wins Clients and Influences People

Carlos F Corvera | 28 February, 2022 | Modern Workplace

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have accelerated their investment in technology. One area that has exploded over the last few years is websites. But does it make any difference whether you use DIY website templates, a website builder or invest in a custom website design?

Well, the short answer is YES.

A website that influences visitors and turns them into clients requires careful planning, a clear vision and an experienced team to deliver. Enter custom website design and development!

For a company to thrive in a competitive market, custom is the way to go.” 


DIY websites constructed with templates and site builder tools may be quick and cheap to implement, but they aren’t scalable or customisable. Template websites limit the level of customisation, personalisation, responsiveness, functionality, security and control you have.

Template websites are so generic they can be used by every business in town. A website with identical stock images, fonts and style as yours could turn up for a completely different business, or worse, one of your competitors.

A custom website is created just for your business and with your clients in mind. The benefits of investing in a website design tailored by experts to your needs are endless.

What you invest in a custom website design can be tax-deductible and the ROI is far greater than if you opt for a template-based website.

Aesthetic, unique and authentic to your brand

In the era of the modern workplace and digital transformation, your website is the first impression potential clients have of your business. You need to stand out from the crowd.

For visitors to stick around and become clients, your website must be eye-catching and professional. Website design should authentically reflect your brand so clients know it’s your business, even before seeing your name or logo.

From the moment a visitor arrives on your homepage, good website design builds trust in your business.

Do you recognise the brand?

Careful planning that prioritises user experience

You wouldn’t build a house without working with an architect to plan the design. The same should apply to your website.

Planning gets you thinking about your business, goals, clients and content that’s engaging, relevant and optimised for SEO. What matters most to your business and clients is brought front and centre in the website design.


These days, Google places higher value on websites offering a great user experience and relevant content. One area that improves user experience is page speed, read our article How Page Speed Can Make or Break Your Website it provides points on how to improve your website page speed.

Good website design planning factors in user experience from day one.

Freedom to add functionality when needed

Your business is adaptable, so your website must be adaptable. Template websites are rigid and come with a bunch of features you might not even need.

They require plugin after plugin to make any small changes.

This brings additional annual costs, slower website loading time, potential code conflicts and greater exposure to security risks.

Custom website design comes with just the features you need, but with the complete freedom to seamlessly add any functionality you require in the future.


Keeping up to date with the latest technology is simple. You’re in control of your website design, not some template developer who may not stick around.

Personalised, professional support

A professional website design company offers you expertise in on-page SEO, design and development. Web design and development are two different areas. A website design company needs to offer expertise in all three to deliver a great custom website design for your business.

A good website design company will start by learning about your business, clients, your message, web functions and technology to integrate into your new website. They understand the latest in on-page SEO and technology that enhances loading speeds, hosting server configuration and everything else that promotes the user experience.

The right professional support gives you:

  • High-quality custom website design 
  • Identification of powerful calls to action that generate more income 
  • Great working relationship 
  • Ongoing support and maintenance 
  • A beautiful website with unique features 
  • Strong online presence 

Don’t let the wrong website hold your business back!

Ready to invest in a beautiful custom website that turns visitors into clients?

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