What is White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is when a website is optimised for human interaction and the way we search for information on the internet and its relevancy. Thus white hat SEO strategies, techniques and tactics are built around human interaction.

After that task has been taken care of then the optimisation for Google’s algorithm takes place the result is your website will usually be displayed or “ranked” on the first page of Google. The rank of your website on the first page of Google may vary but it should always be visible on the first page as long as regular SEO maintenance is done. White hat SEO techniques are endorsed by Google and other search engines as it keeps content we search at a higher standard and should be viewed as a long-term investment strategy for your website.

An example of a white hat SEO technique we use at Panoceanic for our customers’ website, is optimising the design of the website for mobile friendliness. As this is a huge part of the search traffic market, Google is demoting websites that are not mobile ready. Please read and click on “Massive Blow to Small Businesses Online Presence” post in regards to further information about mobile-friendly websites. While the technique just mentioned is important there are other white hat techniques that are used, that encompass the following.

• Keywords
• Structure
• Backlinks
• Distribution channels
• Content optimisation
• Website submitted and crawled.  

Each technique mention can be expanded on but it is out of the scope of this post as we are trying to keep the information concise but, they are all equally as important.