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Offering personalised consulting services and business technology solutions

At Panoceanic we won’t take on a job unless we know we can do it well. We only work with technology we use ourselves, which means we know it inside out. If you need help with a technology outside our field of expertise, we will bring in one of our highly skilled business partners.

  • Digital-Transformation-Consulting

    Digital Transformation Consulting

    Panoceanic is passionate about finding ways to use technology to create success for your business. Together, we’ll solve problems and inefficiencies caused by manual processes or old technology by introducing digital capabilities.

    Key benefits

    • Organisational efficiency
    • Future-proofed business
  • Dynamics-365-CRM/ERP-Consulting

    Dynamics 365 CRM/ERP Consulting

    Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, Panoceanic implements processes and reporting for sales, customer service, HR, finance, operations, supply chain management, marketing and more. Through visual reporting and AI, you can identify opportunities, understand your clients better and create efficient workflows for your staff.

    Key benefits

    • Single view of customer & business data
    • Accelerated sales
    • Simplified processes
    • Integration with Microsoft 365
  • Managed-Technology-Services

    Managed Technology Services

    Panoceanic can manage your technology at a fraction of the cost of employing your own IT staff. You can rest assured that your technology is safe in the hands of dedicated experts, highly experienced with all the technology we manage. More than a managed technology services provider, we also provide you with advisory services to ensure you get the best out of your technology.

    Key benefits

    • No surprises for your technology budget
    • Guaranteed compliance & security
    • Peace of mind so you can return your focus to your core business
  • domain-website-hosting

    Domain & Website Hosting

    Panoceanic manages all-in-one reliable domain name and web hosting solutions on enterprise grade servers. Email is hosted on Exchange Online and we offer a Microsoft 365 subscription if you require Word, Excel and other Microsoft services.

    Key benefits

    • Affordability of shared hosting
    • Secure space to host your website & email accounts
    • Reliability of high-speed solid-state drive (SSD) servers
    • Hourly backups
    • Hardware firewall to filter traffic visiting your website
  • website-design-development-seo

    Custom Website Design, Development & SEO

    We’ll work with you to create a beautiful high-end custom website or a beautiful high-end custom eCommerce website and provide SEO services that keep you ranking high in search engines.

    Key benefits

    • Everything managed in house Integrated with other systems such as your CRM
    • Latest design and development technology used
    • Excellent on page SEO for a solid website foundation
    • Your ideas & copywriting are incorporated into the design from the start
  • copywriting


    We offer professional copywriting services for all your writing needs. Engaging content is written in a tone that reflects your unique voice and brand, driving visitors to your call to action.

    Key benefits

    • Written content seamlessly integrated with web design
    • Consistent & unique style
    • Higher search engine ranking
  • cloud-enablement

    Cloud Enablement

    Panoceanic provides solutions for sharing resources online that are not only affordable but integrated with your business goals.

    We offer the option of public cloud infrastructure provided by Azure, or IBM cloud infrastructure that comes with options for private, public, dedicated or hybrid environments. All options are secure and scalable to meet your evolving needs.

    Key benefits

    • Cost savings on IT staff & electricity etc
    • Dedicated & private hosting
    • Reduced complexities in your IT environment
  • business-continuity

    Business Continuity

    We want to help protect your business operations and will work with you to put the planning and preparation in place that lets you operate normally even when serious incidents occur.

    Key benefits

    • Prevention of data breaches due to employee negligence
    • Compliance with legislation & industry standards
    • Financial risk mitigated
    • Effects of disruption minimised
  • M365-and-Teams-Training

    Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams Training

    At Panoceanic, we love providing modern workplace training. We’ll dive deep into your software to demonstrate the high level of communication, collaboration and process improvement Microsoft products provide.

    Key benefits

    • Empowered & educated employees upskilled in Microsoft technology
    • Ability to work in new & productive ways
  • Cybersecurity


    Security breaches are on the rise, and all businesses must take measures to protect their networks and sensitive information from threats, vulnerabilities and malicious attacks. Panoceanic can provide a range of security solutions that keep you safe and protected.

    Key benefits

    • Protection for your business & your customers
    • Increased customer confidence
  • Hardware-Procurement

    Hardware Procurement

    Panoceanic are experts in recommending unique hardware solutions tailored to your business needs. We’ll ensure that the hardware we procure is built for businesses and is right for your business.

    Key benefits

    • Business grade products at affordable prices
    • Cost savings through increased lifespan
    • Leasing & lease-to-buy options offered

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