Massive Blow to Small Businesses Online Presence

by Carlos F Corvera

As of Tuesday, 21st of April, Google have implemented a critical update to its mobile search algorithm that will have a massive impact on the rank of websites when they are searched from a mobile device.

This will be a smack in the face to businesses that do not have a mobile friendly website and thus you may start to see your website rank drop when a search is carried out from a mobile device.
Since roughly 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices you can expect some businesses to see a decrease in traffic to their site. Which can easily affect sales targets of a business, worst off would be business owners who do not know about this google update.

Don’t feel bad as there are also some big named companies who will need to update their website. (Versace, MI5, P&O Cruises) so if you know someone who doesn’t have a mobile ready website feel for to share this post with them.

Click here to see if your website is ready for the google update!

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