Things You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows 10

by Carlos F Corvera

It seems Windows 8 will be taking a back seat as Microsoft are planning to release their new operating system (O.S) called Windows 10. This new O.S is Microsoft’s answer to multiple devices one O.S solution for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, the release date for Windows 10 is July 29th, 2015. The following 10 points are the things you need to know about Windows 10.

Start Menu

Windows users who have missed and loved using the start menu will be happy to hear that Windows 10 will restore this function.


Get use to the word Continuum as it is the intelligent function be hide Windows 10, it transitions the O.S for a better user experience transition from touch screen to a normal device with keyboard and mouse.

Task View

For those professionals that tend to work with a lot of applications, or just a lot of windows open simultaneously. Microsoft has incorporated a feature called “task view” into Windows 10, this lets you view all windows opened in a centralised hub. Furthermore, you can create virtual desktops to aid in the organisation or separation of applications to its own virtual desktop.

Snap Assist

Snap assist complements task view and give professionals another functionality that capitalises on using your screen real estate to its full potential, by snapping windows together. This means on the one screen you can snap four different windows of the same size to cover your display simultaneously.

Resizable start menu

This is another feature that will benefit professionals that work with tablets as the title suggest, the start menu will resize to complement the screen size in use.

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana will make your smart device experience a little more personal, as this technology is currently been used in windows phones and will make the leap into desktops and tablets. Basically, it will give you the ability to do hands-free computing

Command Prompt

This addition will please the IT Professional that work with command prompt, the new feature to the command prompt is proper text selection and the short cut Ctrl + V to paste copied text from a different application. Now that feature will make your life just that little bit easier if you’re a helpdesk or desktop support professional.

Internet Explorer

Will I.E be in Windows 10, the answer is well no. The new browser is called Microsoft Edge and it is Microsoft’s answer to a more productive web browser. Some of the features include the ability to write notes directly on a webpage and share your notes with everyone. For professionals that do a lot of reading at work on the internet, there is a reading function built into Microsoft Edge that strips the webpage to the basic as if you were reading a book. In addition, Cortana is built into Microsoft edge to help with anything while browsing the internet.

Windows Hello

Don’t like to secure your desktop or laptop with a password, this is where Windows Hello comes into play. Windows hello will unlock your device simply by facial recognition or your finger print cutting down login time and making logging in easier.

Windows 10 will be free

For people who are already using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, by now you should have received a notification on your desktop, laptop or tablet about reserving a free Windows 10.

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