MyGov Website in the Crosshair of Cyber Criminals

by Carlos F Corvera

Cyber criminals have developed their best attempt to date of the myGov website with the purpose to steal important personal information such as password, credit card details and any other sensitive data that may be attached to your myGov account.

Their sophisticated strategy begins via a convincing phishing email from myGov, asking customers to verify their identity via the myGov website.

Fake Email

Once the link is clicked from within the email it will take you to the convincing but fake myGov website. As you can see the URL of the fake site does not begin with and has a list of random letters, dots and numbers which are a sign that it is not a genuine Australian Government domain.

Fake myGov Website

At this point, the cyber criminals ask for your personal details, credit card details and password, once all the information has been captured and the myGov customer clicks "Next" the customer is directed to the real myGov website with the myGov customer none the wiser.

Capture of personal details

The distribution of this phishing email was surprisingly small but be aware that it is happening and take precautions.

Things to look out for in emails are:

  1. Always check the email of the sender.
  2. Beware of links in an email especially from companies or people you are unfamiliar with. A good rule of thumb is not to click on links provided by email but if you must click on a link hover your mouse over the link before clicking to double check the URL and if the URL is not structured correctly for example "\14fdhduyt\##1login" then be cautious.
  3. Companies that have a good reputation will not ask for personal information via email, if you receive an email asking for such information call the company to double check.
  4. Make sure your email security is business grade and you have antivirus on your desktop and laptops within your business.

As always if your business requires help with its security Panoceanic can provide your business with Trustwave’s secure email gateway, F-Secure or Symantec anti-virus to protect your devices just to name a few.

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