Hacking Happens Also to Small Business Not Just Big Enterprises

by Carlos F Corvera

Hacking is not just aimed at big enterprises such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Banks etc. It has evolved to affect the whole spectrum including small and medium sized businesses. For those business owners that have never heard this term, it means the art of stealing valuable information from companies without their knowledge, which could compromise its market position or domination and could result in loss of revenue or bankrupt a business.

There has been news of a cyber-attack campaign called Grabit, which specifically targets small, medium and large businesses. This campaign has been exposed by Kaspersky Labs, this cyber-attack campaign has managed to steal 10,000 files from small, medium and large businesses located in the United States, India, Thailand and other countries.

This cyber-attacks are not specific to any one industry, but we can say that this cyber-attack campaign has targeted significant industries such as nanotechnology, agriculture, chemicals, construction, education, financial institutions and media. In addition, the information it has targeted are passwords, emails and user names from businesses such as Outlook, Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Pinterest, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter and even banks.
Since this cyber-attack campaign utilises a Trojan horse, we suggest educating your employees not to open links within emails from unknown users, and make sure that all your security software has the latest updates. Furthermore, keep an eye out for any strange occurrences on your work computers and if you have an IT department we suggest to analyse firewall logs.

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