The Future of Communications in Australian Enterprises

by Carlos F Corvera


With the ever growing market of cloud communications, current Australian enterprise businesses may start to look at retiring their end of life PABX systems. This may see a trend of CIO’s taking this opportunity to cut costs, with the addition of IT consumerisation aiding in the growth of cloud communications in Australian Businesses. 

A recently published document from Telsyte, who publishes studies into emerging consumer and business markets and provides custom research and advisory services, suggest that cloud-based communications services by the year 2020 will be north of 30 percent. The current market stands around 13-15 per cent in Australian businesses, as stated by Telsyte senior analyst Rodney Gedda.

The Current trend with most Australian businesses, in regards to communications, is a mixture of hybrid models incorporating cloud services alongside PBXes.

Mr. Gredda continued to say a combination of factors is leading to growth in the market "With some customers coming to end of life with their existing PBX system, that's one driver,"

"If they have an old system, they might say, 'Well we don't want to manage any telephony equipment and Unified Communications equipment in-house, so we'll just use a service provider. And the cost is always a factor — CIO’s & CTO's need to weigh up the costs of ownership between running on-prem communications and cloud."

On the supply side, there are more options available to enterprises, Gedda said.

"You've got the telcos, which still are the dominant player in terms of offering voice services — they're offering more cloud enterprise comms and unified communications services alongside what you could call their 'legacy' offerings," the analyst said.

"And there's a whole family of new service providers coming on board: Companies like Dimension Data, NEC, CSC, UXC Connect — all the big service companies. They're all jumping on board the cloud enterprise comms market."

"You can take it a step further and say that with the consumerisation of unified communications and enterprise communications, with the likes of Skype and Google Hangouts, finding its way into the enterprise through 'bring-your-own-apps', that opens up a whole new story for getting organisations at least in the mood for migrating to cloud services," Gedda said.

The Australian Enterprise Communications Market Study 2015, produced by Telsyte acknowledged that the majority of Australian businesses use softphones on a regular basis –with the clear application of choice been Skype.

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