Business Grade Support

Quality front and back end support for any business in value-packed bundles



Support & Administration Packages

We appreciate that every business is different and that is why we provide a variety of packages for you and your business.

Our packages are designed to accommodate the typical business style and technology dependencies in easy to understand bundles, or alternately you can just keep it really simple and buy an estimated number of hours to do what is necessary to keep your systems humming no matter where it is required in your business. Keep in mind the support packages do not cover high-end network, server or infrastructure specialists.

Bundles of hours

These bundles are non-refundable if cancellation is made.

10 Hour Bundles

Our standard rates discounted by 5% payable up front.

$1,425 save $75


25 Hour Bundles

Our standard rates discounted 10%

$3,375 save $375


50 Hour Bundles

Our standard rates discounted by 15%

$6,375 save $1,125


Virtual Help Desk

Desktop support is offered remotely to users within your organisation. Typically, we find that this type of support is needed to enable or disenable a particular function, deal with troubleshooting and performance issues, software and hardware failures and device connectivity issues. Furthermore, while every care is taken in your maintenance program there can be accidental security breaches usually due to user initiated responses via email and browsing. We also find that assistance is required with some form of training or instruction on complex operations and rights management.

We offer this at the rate:

Basic :        Limited 3rd party application and occasional internet usage - Included in our bundled packages

Moderate :  Frequent use of 3rd party or custom software applications and internet usage - $34.95 per user per month.

Heavy :      Continuous use of 3rd party or custom software applications and internet usage per month - $39.95 per user per month


Virtual Help Desk


Mobile applications support

Business these days is just as likely to be performed on the road through a myriad of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This requires additional measures such as access, security, and synchronisation of programs and data. We find most issues concern access, link security, and data synchronisation. There is a general assumption that most modern technology users are savvy with the typical use of their devices.  This is particularly so for Apple products.

Add an additional $5.95 per user per month to your Virtual Help Desk.


Peripherals and software

Peripheral equipment and server or SAAS based software are often controlled outside the desktop environment at an administrator level. As a result, there are many functions that have to be attended to by experienced IT professionals. You may or may not have internal people and irrespective of that we do find that our expertise is needed to achieve the functional result desired.

This may include:

  • Groups and rights management
  • New user creation
  • Collaboration and synchronisation settings
  • Security and access management
  • Custom functions and integration with other tools and devices.

This type of support service is quoted on assessment of what software, hardware, and scope options are prevalent. Please contact us to discuss.


Office 365 Basics

Basic Office 365 support is part of your monthly subscriptions to the service but is limited to technical issues.

There are some exclusions in relation to this:

Performing functions that are deemed to be of basic deployment and following upgrade links, usage of products deemed to be of general knowledge or the responsibility of the company to provide user experience training. If training or specific work is required, then this would form part of the other support options or a specific function. See also the Office 365 General Terms and Conditions   


Training or Special Projects

If you are looking to have group training, specific organisation wide tailoring of the business technology functionality or any other special project then this will be incurred outside of the support bundles. These matters will be scoped, costed and presented in accordance with our special project framework.   

Maintenance of systems

Maintenance is about providing ongoing care to your technology solutions to ensure it runs efficiently and is kept secure. Please see our Maintenance Detailed Services section