What Role Has Google Played In All This

Google as the largest search engine company, has over time released updates to its search engine algorithm.

The dominant and significant releases to counter black hat SEO techniques are:

• Google Panda
• Google Penguin

Additional updates to the Google algorithms have been:

• Google Pigeon
• Google Payday
• Google Pirate
• Google EMD (Exact Match Domain)
• Google Top Heavy Update

Google Panda and Google Penguin, these cutely named algorithms may create a nice visual in your head. However, they have devastating effects on your web page ranking, if black hat SEO strategies have been used. The use of those algorithms as a guideline should keep your website safe from been demoted, penalised or banned from Google searches.

SEO Trends for the foreseeable future

Mobile ready websites will be extremely important as most potential customers will search from a mobile device, the websites listed on the first page of google will have the combination of the following criteria:

• Mobile friendly
• Fast load times
• Relevant content to the search query


Google will continue its algorithm updates to counter bad SEO practices, resulting in websites incurring some level of plenties. On page video will take dominance over text and picture when ranked by Google and further sophistication of the user experience on websites in regards to sales and marketing tactics will be of importance. Microsoft will push for a further market share in search with Bing.