What is Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is extremely aggressive and a fast way to have your website ranked on the first page of Google or other search engines.

The main focus is on catering to Google or the search engines algorithm regardless of the quality of the content. Examples of black hat SEO techniques are:

• Keyword overload
• Invisible text
• Unrelated keywords to the content of the web page
• Doorway pages
• Misleading article titles

There is only one outcome of using this type of SEO technique and that is your website will be demoted, and some search engines will even ban the website. This is seen as a quick return on investment. From a business owners perspective your website should be as credible as possible and long term strategy should be the goal. Other effect to your website are a decrease in traffic and this will surely impact your sales conversation, which no business owner wants to hear! Google and other search engines do not like black hat SEO techniques, we at Panoceanic do not endorse black hat SEO techniques and please be weary of any SEO company that claims they can get your website ranked overnight.