Myth 9 about Business to Cloud Migration

Myth 9

I will encounter issues with my critical business applications because Office 365 is updated regularly.

Here is the reality

Panoceanic understands the impact of down time to critical business applications, and the collaborative nature of these applications with Office add-ins. The reality is that Microsoft has said it is committed to compatibility with the tools your business use every day in conjunction with Office 365 by:

• Microsoft delivers the same standard desktop applications worldwide, that includes  the applications you know in an office suite.

• Microsoft takes precaution with their regular updates to Office 365 to not impact critical business applications. They have further stated that over the past 2 years their monthly updates have not changed API or object models. What this means for your business is if your current critical business applications work with Office 2010 or Office 2013, they should be compatible with Office 365.

• Microsoft further ensures their commitment by working closely with leading software vendors providing access to Office 365 updates before they are released to the public to ensure their software solutions are compatible.

• For businesses that would like to test the water first before migrating to Office 365, you can have both Office 2013 and Office 365 installed simultaneously.

We Provide Office 365 as part of our bundles for small business, the below bundles include other services that are essential for a small business to operate in the current modern climate.


Now that you understand that Microsoft knows that for their Office 365 to be successful, secure and productive for a business it must integrate without causing loss of time, money and improve a business’s capabilities overall. If you want to have a chat with us to discuss tailored possibilities or some general questions, use Calendly to book a free no-obligation phone call and we would be glad to chat with you and explore possible opportunities. Furthermore, connect with us via social media on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Service bundles

  1. SmallBiz Essentials
  2. SmallBiz Extended
  3. SmallBiz Momentum
  4. SmallBiz Premium

How can my business evolve technologically, increase our revenue and focus more on our core operations?

We hope this fact sheet series has cleared the air about some of the misconceptions floating around about the cloud and Office365.
When you start to see the inefficiency with the operation of your business technology within your business, by having disconnected systems, slow applications, non-integrated communication, teams are not able to collaborate and share data quickly & easily. You need to start thinking about what is my competition doing that is giving them the advantage over my business?
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