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Present View

We live in an age where almost every device is interconnected, 20 years ago no one would have thought that your home appliances such as TV, refrigerator, air-conditioner would be connected to the internet but they are. We understand that with these advancements in technology it opens the door to unforeseen risks. This also applies to business technology and digital solutions moving forward to the current age we have the answer by providing best of class business efficiency, security and advanced technology.




Panoceanic has the solution for a business that requires being at the cutting edge of advanced technology by providing cloud infrastructure and Platform as a service (PAAS) all integrated into one product without breaking the bank.

What it will do for your business is make it agile, achieve more and save your business move.


If your business has a need for servers without the cost of licensing, hardware, utility and expensive staff, Panoceanic has a solution for your business with virtual, bare metal, SMS servers. To further increase our value to your business and lower cost we can also provision network gateway appliances by using software loaded straight onto your bare metal server which will save your business the cost and time of purchasing various hardware & software solutions to serve as routers, firewall, and load balancers.

Furthermore, an SMS server will help you communicate directly and instantly with internal staff or clients some example on how an SMS server could be used for is reminders, marketing, confirmations, and enquiries.


With the globalisation of markets, the way companies do business has changed to an always on and an always available platform so it is imperative that your business' critical applications are continually operational and online. With this in mind, Panoceanic has a solution to keep your critical business applications online and operational in today's world and provide the following benefits to your business:

Uninterrupted 24x7x365 of critical operations

Detection of potential issues before they become a problem

Adhere to compliance specification for data integrity & reliability  

Scalable platform forever changing business requirements 

Backup Solution

We understand that your business data is of paramount importance to your business and if something were to happen to your company data your business may not recover.

Your business needs a backup solution to protect from user error, hardware failure, security breaches and viruses, loss or theft of devices, software errors, data leakage, and problems with software & hardware updates. The solution provided by Panoceanic is easy, secure and you can enjoy peace of mind that your data can be backed up using the 3-2-1 rule using advanced technology.

 Advanced Technology Strategy





In today's world, we mostly communicate via electronic methods and this is true for your business, but most business owners do not understand or know the importance of keeping your communications private and secure. The solution we provide gives enterprise level security for the small and medium size business that integrates with our other services we offer such as Microsoft Outlook or Office 365. This provides the following features and benefits for your business;

Email Encryption

Advanced Control

Data Loss Prevention

Secure Large File transfer

Support Regulatory Compliance

This gives your business a solid foundation for your communication and data to be secure, from a business perspective the following advantages are gained;

Control Communications

Safeguards Against Data Loss

Cost effective

Requires Zero Maintenance


Endpoint Security 

For businesses, it is important to have a security strategy that aligns with business objectives but more importantly has protection, that is congruent with both the strategy & business objective.

We offer a flexible, powerful, modern business grade multi-endpoint security solution that is designed to give your business best of class protection from;

Corporate Cyber Attacks



Internet Trackers

Online Spies



For Panoceanic it is important to us that your business is safe and protected so your business can continue to have a good reputation, remain stable & profitable.


Business Applications


Office 365

The advanced technology used in our Office 365 offering is set to poise your business a cut above the rest in the 21st century, with the combination of the cloud enables productivity from virtually anywhere.

Powerful security that keeps your business data safe, reliability that keeps your business operational and your employees productive. A scalable model that fits any business of any size communication tools like business class email and Skype for business with all this your business is armed with the latest in collaborating & communication technology that will help save your business money, time and free up resources.


Mobile Device Management 

The days where your business would provide to employees an ugly yet function, secure blackberry have now been left behind. BYOD is now a trend for businesses/employees whether it is BYO smartphone, tablet, laptop it can all be centrally managed to save your business time, increases mobility and productivity for employees.  Without the cost of employing a full-time IT administrator and invest a large amount of capital in expensive enterprise level infrastructure & hardware, there is more to gain than loose for your business with our solutions.



We offer only the best SEO using white hat techniques & proven technology that adheres to regulations from the major search engines to help your business increase its online presence.  With the addition of SEO reports your business can keep track of how your online presence is ranking with your competition & search engines.


All this is just the tip of the iceberg that we offer at Panoceanic in affordable, transparent packages that are built for the convenience of a modern business, visit our connect page and ask how Panoceanic can help your business in creating success through technology.