Systems Maintenance

Maintenance bundles for systems small or large that keep businesses stable



Maintenance Value Packed Bundles

We know maintenance is an integral part of a business technology wellbeing, so we have created maintenance bundles for systems small or large that keep businesses stable. Don't let your business be embarrassed by systems failure

Bundles of hours

These bundles are non-refundable if cancellation is made.

10 Hour Bundles

Our standard rates discounted by 5% payable up front.

$1,425 save $75


25 Hour Bundles

Our standard rates discounted 10%

$3,375 save $375


50 Hour Bundles

Our standard rates discounted by 15%

$6,375 save $1,125


Website Maintenance

A website for your business is as important as the data stored on your servers, so to keep it running smooth and generating leads for your business maintenance is an important aspect to consider. We perform updates to your CMS platform and plugins to keep your website safe and secure, we further mitigate risk by backing up your website to a secure and function location. How much money would your business lose if you lost your website today?


Device Maintenance

Every business has a range of devices in use from infrastructure devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. All devices require maintenance to keep the business functioning at an acceptable level of operation, this is a time-consuming task but will pay off in the long term for your business performance and continuity.

This may include:

  • Windows system efficiency
  • Business technology audit
  • Data Management
  • Redundancy management
  • Software updates
  • Updates of drivers


Office 365 Advance

Advance Office 365 was created for the purpose of mitigating end user errors by maintaining and administering the Office 365 environment. The larger the business the more technology within Office 365 there is at the disposal of the business, and not all businesses have the time or expertise to have an IT professional looking after all their business technology needs let alone Office 365.

This may include

  • Update of Office 365 software
  • Informing of service degradation

Advanced Technology

Visit our Advanced Technology page to see what technology Panoceanic can utilise to help your business in this digital age.